Light section sensors

ETIM 6.0
Dimension (W x H x L)
Net weight
Laser class
Protection class
Special version
Number of connections
Customs tariff number
Number of digital switching outputs
eCl@ss 9.0
Type of connection
X-axis measurement range
Linearity of Z-axis, relative to measurement distance
ETIM 5.0
No. of pins
Lens cover material
Degree of protection
Number of activation inputs
Standards applied
Supply voltage UB
Ambient temperature, storage
eCl@ss 8.0
Black/white behavior
Repeatability of Z-axis, relative to measurement distance
eCl@ss 11.0
ETIM 7.0
Housing material
Ambient temperature, operation
Metal housing
Light source
eCl@ss 5.1.4
Switching element
Measurement time
Measurement range z-axis
eCl@ss 10.0
Thread size

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Light section sensors are well suited for applications in which objects have to be detected using their 3 dimensional form. They measure height profiles along a projected laser line. With these sensors, objects with high resolution can be detected quickly and reliably in 3D. The object is illuminated solely by the laser measurement beam integrated in the sensor.

LPS 36.10 - Line profile sensor
LPS 36.10 - Line profile sensor
Application: Object measurement, Contour measurement
Contains: LxSsoft configuration software
Series: 36
Type: Ethernet
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